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Polish workers still interested in work abroad

Our recruitment agency has been recruiting Polish workers since 2004. Over the years, we can definitely say that the interest in traveling to work abroad is still very large.

Unfortunately, the Polish workers still earn significantly less than their colleagues in the UK or Germany, even several times to me. The number of people assigned to work in England is relatively smaller than in the initial years ie 2004-2007, however, over the last 5 years we can confirm that number of Polish workers deciding to work abroad is still great interest.

Poles continue to leave for work abroad, regardless of sex, age and industry. Most are sent to work in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, although we also have permanent employers in the Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and even Iceland.

Very popular among Polish workers are short contracts. Such 1-3 month contracts are used by students predominates over the summer break, but also people in permanent employment in Poland, using their annual leave go to work, eg one month!


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